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Koinonia Christian Church

Koinonia Christian Church


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The purpose for which this Church is formed is to corporately and publicly worship, praise, glorify, and give thanks to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, also known as the Trinity. To minister the Word of God to believers; to promote fellowship through the body of Christ; and to promote evangelism at home and abroad. In short, our purpose through the Holy Spirit is to save the lost, edify the saints and elevate society. The foundation of Koinonia Christian Church is the “Word of GOD” but membership is the first step in becoming a part of the community of faith. Respectfully, with the Christ likeness within us, we welcome new converts and new members into this house of GOD and this Body of Christ. You will be informed of the beliefs, vision, mission, covenant, and history of Koinonia Christian Church. Also, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, you will be led through the process of orientation into the Koinonia Christian Church family while being advised of every possible resource available to you. With the help of fellow members, facilities, and ministries, this will help you pursue your divine destiny. Last, but not least, you are the piece that was previously missing but now further completes the spiritual make-up of this church and the advancement of the Kingdom of GOD.

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Connie Rubin

Ronnie Goines
Lead Pastor

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